150th Anniversary of the International Telecommunication Union (2015)



 Issue Name:

150th Anniversary of the ITU

 Thai Issue Name:

150 ปี การก่อตั้งสหภาพโทรคมนาคมระหว่างประเทศ

 Issue Date:



To commemorate the 150th Anniversary of the International Telecommunication Union, which was established in Paris on 17 May 1865, initially as the International Telegraph Union, and which is now an agency of the United Nations specialized in ICT with worldwide 193 member countries.

 Catalogue Number:



3 Baht

 Unused Value:

4 Baht

 Used Value:

1 Baht

 Thailex Collection:



30 x 48 mm

 Quantity of Stamps:

500,000 pieces


Thai British Security Printing Public Company Limited, Thailand


Graphic design representing modern telecommunication and the symbol of the 150th Anniversary of the ITU, combined with Thailand's identity in the world community, namely: buildings with traditional Thai roofs, including with ngao and haang hong, a bell-shaped pagoda, a postman wearing a motorbike helmet delivering mail to a man, a communications satellite, a man speaking on a cell phone, a woman sitting at a desk wearing head phones and looking at a TV screen, a medical doctor writing with a pen on a tablet. Above the latter three people is a black icon that indicates connectivity and in the centre of the stamp is the number 150, printed in white and with the 0 represented by the 150th Anniversary logo of the International Telecommunication Union, i.e. a circle with latitude and longitude lines, symbolizing a world globe, crossed with a slant thunderbolt, and the acronym ITU. Underneath it, also in white, is the founding year 1865 and the modern year 2015.

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