Centenary of the Office of Attorney General (1993)



 Issue Name:

Centenary of the Office of Attorney General

 Thai Issue Name:

100 ปี แห่งการสถาปนาสถาบันอัยการ

 Issue Date:



To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Office of Attorney General.

 Catalogue Number:



2 Baht

 Unused Value:

10 Baht

 Used Value:

5 Baht

 Thailex Collection:



27 x 45 mm

 Quantity of Stamps:

1 million pieces


Joh. Enschedé Stamps, Security Printers B.V., The Netherlands


The number 100, with the middle digit, i.e. a zero, standing out in front of the the other two digits and made in the form of a circle divided into three equal parts, one white, one chocolate and one burnt orange. The top fraction, with the white background, is made to look like the top 1/3rd section of the face of a clock, whilst the indicating hand is fashioned in the form of the white with gold embroidery, necktie-shaped flap, that is attached at the shoulder of a Thai lawyer's bar gown, the official court dress known in Thai as seua kruy neti bandit (เสื้อครุยเนติบัณฑิต). The section of the clock symbolizes the development of the Office of the Attorney General over time, i.e. the past 100 years. The left bottom section of the circle, with the chocolate background, has in gold the logo of the Office of the Attorney General, i.e. a balanced set of scales over two olive branches and underneath a chadah-style royal crown, while the right bottom segment, with the background in burnt orange, depicts an attorney in court dress pleading at the bar.

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