No. Issue Name
1992/1 Prince Mahidol of Songkla Centenary Celebrations
1992/2-5 Centenary of the Department of Mineral Resources
1992/6-8 National Children's Day
1992/9 400 Years of the Great Duel on Elephant
1992/10-17 4th Asia-Pacific Orchid Conference
1992/18 21st International Society of Sugar Cane Technologists Congress
1992/19-20 Centenary of the Ministry of Justice
1992/21 Red Cross
1992/22-25 80th Anniversary of the Ministry of Transport and Communication
1992/26-29 Centenary of the Ministry of Interior
1992/30-33 Centenary of The Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives
1992/34 Centenary of the Ministry of Education
1992/35-38 Thai Heritage Conservation - Carts of Thailand
1992/39 Songkran Day
1992/40 50th Anniversary of the Development of the Livestock Department
1992/41-43 Visakha Puja Day
1992/44 50th Anniversary of the Meteorological Department
1992/45-49 Bangkok 1993 World Philatelic Exhibition - 2nd Series
1992/50-53 Visit ASEAN Year
1992/54 Prince Chuthathut Tharadilok, Prince of Phetchabun
1992/55 National Communications Day
1992/56-59 25th Anniversary of ASEAN
1992/60 Queen Sirikit's 60th Birthday Anniversary (1st Series)
1992/61-66 Queen Sirikit's 60th Birthday Anniversary (2nd Series)
1992/67-71 Queen Sirikit's 60th Birthday Anniversary (3rd Series)
1992/72 Inauguration of the Sirikit Medical Center
1992/73 Prominent Personage - Prince Narahthip Phongpraphan
1992/74 100th Anniversary of Silpa Bhirasri
1992/75-78 International Letter Writing Week - Corals
1992/79-82 New Year 1993
1992/83 First Asian Pacific Congress of Allergology and Immunology
1568/84 60th Anniversary of the National Assembly
1992/85 50th Anniversary of the Bank of Thailand