No. Issue Name
2012/1 Zodiac - Year of the Dragon
2012/2 120th Birthday Anniversary of the Prince of Songkhla
2012/3-6 Children's Day
2012/7 H.M. the King, Teacher for the Land
2012/8-9 Cai Shen Ye
2012/10 750th Anniversary of Chiang Rai
2012/11-14 Symbol of Love
2012/15 80th Anniversary of Excise Department
2012/16 Red Cross
2012/17-20 Centenary of the Ministry of Transport
2012/21 50th Anniversary of the Asian-Pacific Postal Union
2012/22-25 99th Anniversary of the Government Savings Bank
2012/26-29 Thai Heritage Conservation - Archeological Sites
2012/30-37 Centennial of RTAF Founding Fathers' Aviation (1st Series)
2012/38-42 Five Highly Revered Buddha Images
2012/43 2012 Rotary International Convention
2012/44 Important Buddhist Religious Day - Visakha Bucha Day
2012/45-54 Provincial Emblem Postage Stamps - 7th Series
2012/55 80th Anniversary of the Office of Prime Minister
2012/56-63 Centennial of RTAF Founding Fathers' Aviation (2nd Series)
2012/64 150th Anniversary of Ranong
2012/65 H.R.H. the Crown Prince of Thailand 60th Birthday Anniversary
2012/66 National Communications Day
2012/67-75 H.M. Queen Sirikit's 80th Birthday Anniversary
2012/76-79 150th Anniversary of Queen Sri Savarindira (3rd series)
2012/80-87 Thailand 2013 World Stamp Exhibition (1st series) - Handicrafts
2012/88 Centenary of Somdet Phra Nyanasamvara, Supreme Patriarch of Thailand
2012/89-92 International Letter Writing Week - Happiness of Writing to Someone
2012/93 Prince Naret Worarit
2012/94-95 115th Anniversary of King Chulalongkorn's Visit To Austria
2012/96-99 New Year 2013 Postage Stamps - Fireworks
2012/100-103 Prince Damrong Rachanuphaap 150th Birthday Anniversary
2012/104 Princess Chulabhorn - Princess Scientist of Thailand
2012/105 H.M. King Bhumipol Adulyadej's 85th Birthday Anniversary
2012/106 Princess Bajrakitiyabha - U.N. Good Will Ambassador
D2012/1-10 Tourist Spots - Seaside (2nd Series)
S2012/1-28 80 Years of Thai Prime Ministers