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Philatelic Museum

Museum on the 2nd floor of Bangkok's northern Metropolitan Postal Bureau, in Sapaan Kwai district. It has old and new Thai and foreign stamps on display and its library houses a collection of post books in both Thai and foreign languages (fig.). Besides this, it also features a collection of ancient and contemporary postboxes, a collection of miniature postboxes from all over the globe, the history of the evolution of the Thai postal service and Thai stamps, more than 700 sets of Thai stamps with the first set dating from AD 1883 (BE 2426) until present, over 3,500 albums of stamp sheets with international stamps from around 200 countries, more than 200 print plates, the very first Thai postbox of more than 130 year old in Victorian style (fig.), an ancient perforator to punch holes in old stamps, showcases with rewards won at national and international philatelic exhibitions, the original designs and works that won competitions and were made into stamps, ancient postmen's uniforms (fig.), etc. Next door, to the right of the museum, is the Philatelists Association of Thailand which every weekend organizes a philatelic market on the first floor of the building, where collectors gather to browse, exchange and trade. In Thai, the Philatelic Museum (fig.) is known as Phiphithaphan Tra Praisanih Yakon (พิพิธภัณฑ์ตราไปรษณียากร). See also POSTAGE STAMPS (1) and (2), and MAP.