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Pyusawhti (ပျူစောထီး)

Burmese. Name of a ca. 3rd Century AD King of Bagan in Upper Burma. He is famed for having quelled the Five Great Menaces, i.e. a large tiger, a huge flying squirrel, a giant wild boar, a big bird, and the extensive proliferation of the vines of a gourd plant, that plagued Bagan since reign of its first monarch, King Thamoddarit, using his magic bow. In his own reign, he consequently had pagodas built at each of the places where he had destroyed each of these Five Great Menaces, including Buphaya, a Buddhist stupa in Pagan (fig.), which due to centuries long land erosion by the Irrawaddy River, is now located on its east bank (fig.). See also Pyu.