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Mahuna Phaya (မနူဟာဘုရား)

Burmese. ‘Pagoda of Mahuna’. Name of a Buddhist temple in the village of Myinkaba, near Bagan, which was built in 1067 AD by the captive Mon King Makuta (fig.) of the Thaton Kingdom, whose name was corrupted into Manuha, which in Burmese means ‘Leper’. The three front halls of the main building each contain a large gilded Buddha image seated in the bhumisparsa pose, while a large hall in the back houses a large reclining Buddha image. In a small pavilion to the side of the main building are the statues of King Makuta and his consort Queen Ningalade (fig.), with whom he lived in the adjacent Palace Temple, Nan Phaya Kyaung (fig.). See MAP.