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Wrinkled Hornbill

Common name for a species of hornbill, which is also commonly known as Sunda Wrinkled Hornbill, and with the scientific name Aceros corrugatus. The adult male has a mostly black plumage, with a broadly white to rufous-tipped tail, and a yellowish head with a black crown-centre. In addition, it has a pale yellowish, unmarked, gular pouch, a blue orbital skin, and pale yellow cheeks, neck-sides and chest. Its large bill is bright yellow, with a red base and casque, which is square-looking, and a brownish basal half of the lower mandible. Adult females are overall black, with a pale yellowish bill and squarer casque, and blue orbital skin and gular pouch, which is unmarked. In Thai this bird is called nok ngeuak pahk yon (นกเงือกปากย่น), i.e. ‘wrinkled-beak hornbill’.